20 février 2019


Avenir En Héritage is an international solidarity association, located in La Rochelle (In the West French Coast), active since 2009 and recognized as being of general interest. Our goal is to connect and valorize people, cultures, occupations and generations to learn to live together in harmony.

Our approach and values

  • Opening, as an essential condition to build bridges between people who come from various cultures, genders and localities
  • Autonomy, of young volunteers we support, but also for our local and international partners
  • Right to experimentation, in creating an open place for reflection, proposals and creativity to improve the living together.

Our aims

  • Sensitize to decolonize the speech about solidarity with interventions in schools, universities and social centers,
  • Create change with the deconstruction of the prejudices: we have different projects and events on this goal (“Au delà de la carte postale”, the Solidarities Festival …), to create meeting place for a diversity of actors and open up activities sectors.
  • Share and mutualize experiences with events and podcast radio to connect people, cultures and worlds.
  • Advise and support actors of change to realize their actions: training sessions, encourage and support volunteers from France and Togo, workcamps, advice partners for their auto diagnostic. We want to promote all the competences of these actors with win-win partnerships.

Two activities poles

  • 1. Youth, Mobility and International Solidarity Pole

Youth engagement

We promote the engagement of young people in solidarity activities to encourage a positive societal change thanks to supporting volunteers with the Civic Service in France and with summer workcamp abroad (60 volunteers since the creation of the association in 2009).

intercultural events

Since seven years, we undertake the project “Les Papilles du Monde, an intercultural event taking place during the Solidarities Festival: it is a direct meeting between habitants of La Rochelle and foreigners residents of the whole world. Each year, this event gathers 700 people from at least 15 countries during a culinary afternoon.

We organize other events for children, each first Saturday and for all people with theme evening to discover another culture and meet people from these countries.

  • 2. Live Together and Citizenship Pole

Trainings sessions

We organize training sessions for young people in civic service, students and young people with fewer opportunities due to geographical and social obstacles, about the thematic of International Solidarity, Migration, Interculturality, the Sustainable Development Goals, the Social and Solidarity Economy. On these topics, we intervene in school, university and training school, but also in social centers. Our non-formal education approach promotes the empowerment of young people by understanding the major issues of our society. 

Meetings and intercultural activities

Our association organize several meetings and animations tied with the Education for Citizenship and International Solidarity thanks to debates and games.

We anime a radio program about solidarity and cohesion each month with our local radio partners.

Our team

In 2019, the Association is composed of three employees and ten administrators. The association renewal its agreement in November 2017 to received volunteers in civic service during 8 months. The Association has obtained in 2017 the agreement to send, received and coordinated volunteers from the EVS. Now this program is called the European Solidarity Corp. The European level attracts our attention in 2019, that’s why we want to develop the European voluntary in our structure.

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