20 février 2019

Call for European partnership

In 2019, Avenir En Héritage wish to create news partnerships with organizations around Europe.

The slogan of the Assocation is “Together, build bridges between
”: we intend to connect and valorize people, cultures and
generations to provide the empowerment of women and men. We wish to create
intercultural ties between young people by encouraging them to be actors of
change. For example, the European Solidarity Corps is a new way for us to
support the engagement of young people by improving their skills and
competences and in facilitating their active citizenship. European projects are
a way for young European people to live interculturality and meet other European

Partnership is an integral part of our associative
project and we want to open ourselves to Europe: although we have already
rewarded international partners, in Morocco and in Togo, the European level
attracts our attention in 2019. We think that we can build, with the
organizations of the European society, actions and reflections about topics
which unit us: convening power of citizens and young people, sustainable and
inclusive development of our territories, interculturality… We want to promote
meetings between Europeans to participate to the European project. Moreover,
European program provide an opportunity for our association to create new
relationships with organizations on our neighboring countries: their
experiences and their working approaches will be inspiring and can contribute
to develop our local projects. That is why we want to open ourselves to Europe
in promoting meetings between Europeans citizens.

So, Avenir en Héritage invite non-governmental organizations, cooperatives, non-formal education center, cultural organizations and other organizations to be our partner.

If you are
interested to create a new bridge between your organization and our structure,
please, contact us, we will be happy to construct news projects with you to
promote a better world for all.

Un petit clic et c'est parti !